A little something about me

Years of Work Experience
Hello my name is
Jacob Stadarfeld Andersen.

Welcome to my online portfolio!
I’m a happy and bright 27 years old guy with a flair for creative & digital design and I’m always open for new challenges learning new skills. I’m curious about what new and exciting assignments the future holds for me!

Here you can see what I have accomplished so far as professional work related projects and creations in my spare time. In addition you can review my education background and a bit about my personal life so far!


I have a bachelor degree in Digital Design & Interactive Technologies which i studied at IT-University in Copenhagen. An important key element in the bachelor degree was interaction design, which focuses on how we design not just the technology itself but how the technology is utilised in relation to human interaction and in different practices.
In my bachelor project I looked at people who work in the Danish media industry and specifically the freelancers and productions. In the project i designed a prototype of a mobile application called “Crew” for these two groups of people. The app aimed to optimise the current way freelancers and produktions create contact with each other. Through the design process the project sought to identify what values the app created for each group of people. Furthermore the project attempted to research if such app could be relevant in the Danish media industry and if the concept could be implemented in the market. The project answered this through qualitative interviews and analysis to create the foundation for the design.

I graduated from Birkerød Gymnasium STX, HF, IB & Kostskole in 2015. I had specialised study area  in language.
The mayor corses i had was English A, Spanish A, Mathematics B.

After I graduated from the gymnasium i took a "Gymnasial suppleringskursus" in math to raise my mathematics from B to A at Niels Brock in Copenhagen.

Work experience

IT Consultant

At CareSupport ApS


Work Description

At CareSupport ApS I had Ad hoc Tasks, helped establish their new office and worked as Junior Web-designer where I am responsible for kickstarting their new web-development branch.


At Kiropraktik i Centrum

Work Description

At Kiropraktik i Centrum i was in the reception and did various ad hoc tasks but my primary function was answering the phone, make bookings for costumers and give costumer service to people in the waiting room before they had an appointment.



Work Description

At JFK Cafe I worked as a bartender/juicer and had ad hoc task as well as serving costumers with their food and drinks.

Handicap Assistant

At Solvænget

Work Description

At Solvænget I worked as an assistant to a handicapped mand in his 30's in a wheelchair. At the job I assisted the mand in his daily agendas and took with him to different events and destinations.

Personal Experience

In 2027 I travel around the world with a friend. Our trip had the first destination in Argentina where we traveled from top to bottom of Argentina in the span of one month and saw a lot of beautiful nature and cities.

We also traveled to Australia where we stayed for around three months. While we were there we worked at a cattle farm, here we did different task and helped out on the farm. When we had worked for one and a half month and earned some money, we traveled the east costline. When we travelled the costline we took a detour to Fiji and stayed on one of the many islands before heading back and ending the tour in Sydney