Web-design for Studio48

Ongoing project on Studio48

With the succes of CareSupport ApS’ website, they wanted me to design the website for their new office where you can rent a seat if you need a place to work. The site is still a work in process because the office is not fully renovated and ready to launch but when the office is done, pictures of the office space and text will be added to the website

With the design of studio48 they also needed a logo for the office which I also designed in Indesign. The logo is meant to represent tabels and seats to indicate that it is a social office where people from different occupation can sit and work separately but still in the reach of each other.

Studio48 Logo

More info on the project will be added when everything is done…

Neon sign design

Neon-signs in Indesign for Studio48

First design was done with a simple setup and is also the one that they want to go with.

Second design was based on the classic shop-sign you have hanging over the door and was a close contender to the first design.

CareSupport ApS Web-Design

CareSupport ApS Website

At CareSupport ApS I redesigned their old website and gave it a modern look with more pages and a more clean look.

The website was designed in WordPress with additional plugin Elementor.

When redesigning their old website I had multiple conversations with them along the design process so I was sure the colour theme, structure and functionality was to their liking.

The new design of CareSupport ApS was a relatively simpel landing page. This included a Home page, Service page, About page and a Contact page.

After the design on their firms website they wanted me to do another website which was for their new office space called Studio48.

Poster Indesign

Poster Design

This was a design for CareSupport ApS.

CareSupport ApS have acquired a new office where they want to rent out seats for people who need a place to work. To this they have created Studio48 and needed a poster to advertise for the new office space. The design was made in Indesign and have a functional QR-code which link to where is it possible to get in contact with CareSupport about a possible seat in the office.

Flyer Design

Flyer for CareSupport ApS

In April 2022, I designed a flyer for the IT company CareSupport ApS. The flyer was designed in Adobe Indesign, where I developed the design for the flyer through iterative meetings with the two owners of CareSupport. The flyer is used as advertisement for the company and the Sales Director has been happy to be able to give potential customers more than just a business card.